Involvement & Booster Club

HyVee cash register receipts

Collecting the following items provides the school with extra cash or supplies to be used for our students. Your help is appreciated. Please bring the following items to the District Office or drop in the HyVee receipts box: 

  • Cash for Kids: Mankato Downtown & Hilltop Hy-Vee cash register receipts

After Prom - Junior Class Parents

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you have a student who is a junior this year, please attend the meetings of the After Prom Party Committee. The After Prom party is put on every year by volunteering parents of 11th grade students.

Booster Club

Booster Club

Mission Statement

The Cleveland Clipper Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of parents, coaches, and educators. Our goal is to enhance the experiences of our students, staff, families, and community through supporting academic activities, athletics, arts, and band with our fundraising efforts. All funds raised go directly back to support those listed. We encourage a positive atmosphere, good sportsmanship, and community involvement.

About Us

The Cleveland Clipper Booster Club supports athletics and activities within our school and community with concession stand and spirit wear clothing sales. We may also occasionally raise funds through other means for a larger donation request. The booster club is volunteer ran. Its members consist of 7 voting board members and all parents, staff, and community members of ISD391. We always can use more volunteers to help in these concession stands and be involved. Sign-ups are linked on the activities tab under the “more” tab on top of school webpage or can be found on our facebook page. Cleveland Clipper Booster Club Facebook Page

You can always find the newest concession stand sign ups here: Sign Ups

The Booster Club made over $8,000 in donations from July 2022-June 2023. Some of the donations we made were to: 

  • awards/trophies/medals

  • bus rentals/lunches

  • tournaments fees

  • supplies

  • band trip fees and t-shirts

  • FFA

  • after-prom

  • Dollars for Scholars

  • health services  

Booster Club Voting Board Members

Melissa Marks

Nikki Smith

Jazz Boelter

Patty Flowers

Jess Shouler

Debbie Domras

Jen Kluntz

Booster Club Meeting Minutes - Click for up-to-date minutes

We would like to thank all parents and students who have volunteered in the past and present. You all are the reason we can continue to support these school and community programs. We appreciate you. If you you want to learn more about the club or want to sign-up you can contact any member at If you are requesting a donation please fill out the “donation request form” above.