Involvement & Booster Club

Bottle Caps & Box Tops

Collecting the following items provides the school with extra cash or supplies to be used for our students. Your help is appreciated. Please bring the following items to the District Office: 

  • St.Peter Market Fresh: Cash register receipts

  • Cash for Kids: Mankato Downtown & Hilltop Hy-Vee cash register receipts

  • General Mills Box Tops for Education: For more information visit

  • Kemps Nickels for Schools: Collect Kemps 5¢ caps & proof of purchase symbols 

  • Land O Lakes Save Five for Schools bottle caps

After Prom - Junior Class Parents

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you have a student who is a junior this year, please attend the meetings of the After Prom Party Committee. The After Prom party is put on every year by volunteering parents of 11th grade students.

Booster Club

Mission Statement

The Cleveland School Booster Club’s purpose is to primarily promote athletic and band programs, increase community interest and promote good sportsmanship.

Our secondary purpose may include other activities approved by the Cleveland School Booster Club members, which may require extra fund-raising and help from parents/students.

The Cleveland School Booster Club is dedicated to the continued support of our student athletes, band members, coaching staff, and athletic programs.

Through fund-raising and concession stand activities, Cleveland School Booster Club provides: "Wish list” funding for athletic teams grades 7-12, and miscellaneous support for activities as approved by the Cleveland School Booster Club.

Parent/Student involvement is the key to a successful Booster Club.  The parents of every student athlete or band member are members.

General Information

The Booster Club provides concessions for activities held at the school and in the community.  The funds raised from concessions and clothing/spirit items goes towards purchasing items and funding for the athletic teams, band, and school.  The Booster Club is very proud to have been able to purchase the following items for our teams and school in total spend of over $17,100 during the 2015-2016 school year. The Booster Club contributed $10,000 just for the Orlando band trip in April, 2016.

Trophies/Medals/Certificates/Letter C’s
Tournament Fees
Bus rental/lunches 
Team pictures/banners
Team uniforms
Scoreboard Protectors
Team supplies
Book Fairs
Turf Practice for football team
Self Improvement/Team Building Programs for athletic teams
T shirts for band/athletes
Monetary donation to each qualified student for band trips
Updating the sound system in the big gym
Parade of Trees – Santa
Vote Yes

Active Booster Club Members

Jodi Weller
Kally Reminger 
Lisa Koppelman 
Rhonda Omtevdt 
Jaci Kopet 
Suzie Robb 
Dianne Plonsky 

The Booster Club would not be able to have the concession stands open throughout the year without the help of many parents and students at Cleveland Public School.  We are always looking for helpers to work at our home games and would welcome all parents to give their time and talents to this wonderful club.  If you are interested in learning more about the Booster Club, how to get involved or to help at concessions, please contact any of the members listed above. We would like to extend a very enthusiastic THANK YOU to all the parents and students that volunteered this past year at concessions and selling tickets. It is very much appreciated.