Media & Content Management

Website & Social Media Content Form

This form lets us know what needs to be added to the website pages, news, live feed, and Facebook

Please fill out this form if

  • You have information or files (photos and pdfs) you want posted to the website's Live Feed section, News section, or the school's Facebook page.

  • You have information you want added to a specific page on the website.

  • There is an event that should be added to the school and website's event calendar.

  • There is information on the website that should be removed because it is incorrect or outdated.

CHS - Website & Content Management Google Form Screenshot

Digital Signage Upload Form

This form let’s staff members upload images to the digital signage system found all around the school.

Please fill out this form if

  • You have an image you want to be displayed on the digital signage's slide shows

CHS Digital Signage Google Form