Title 1

What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program through the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESES) designed to provide support to students who are performing below grade level in reading and/or math. The goal is to emphasize high academic achievement standards in an effort to help students in the regular classroom and reach grade-level performance.

How would my child qualify for Title I services?

Kindergarten - 6th-grade students scoring at or below 25% on either the CBMreading/Early Star Literacy/Star Reading/ Star Math subtests will be eligible for services. Additionally, students between 25 -30% will be considered as Title IIs students and placed on a “watch” list per teacher recommendation. For new students, the previous year’s achievement scores will be used. If scores are not available, Title I staff will administer an appropriate achievement test.

How can my child be exited from Title I services?

Students may be dismissed from the Title I program for the following reasons:

  1. Students successfully function without Title I Support as determined by:

    1. Students must score on or above the current grade level on appropriate standardized test and/or meets report card expectations.

    2. Score the “At Level/Average” on the CBMreading/Early Star Literacy/Star Reading/Star Math test AND/OR for three weeks in a row AND/OR

    3. Both the Title I teacher and the classroom teacher agree that the child can be dismissed from the program.

  2. Parent(s) request that the child returns to the regular classroom.

  3. Excessive absenteeism as defined as 30 days or more per semester due to truancy, continued suspension, or expulsion.

We want to support our students for as long as they require supplemental reading and math support. But, we want them to also be successful learning without the additional support of Title I. To that end, when a child meets specific exit criteria and parents and teachers are in agreement, the child will no longer need to attend Title I Class.

If you have any questions, please email groskreutz.kayla@isd391.org