Superintendent’s Letter

Our theme for the last year has been “Building Future Leaders.” The new building addition has allowed us to restore programs and add a number of new programs that strengthen what we do here to inspire and enrich the lives of our students who enter through our doors.

I just attended my 27th Cleveland High School graduation ceremony. It was great to see
all the people in attendance to honor our forty-six graduates. Our graduation rates
continue to be strong and our students well-prepared for their future. I was truly
impressed by how confident the seniors were when they were talking about their future
plans and aspirations. I bid them farewell, but I send them out into the world with a
smile on my face- feeling full of hope for our future and the future of our country and
planet. This was a senior class full of confident young men and women that will make a
difference in this world. I’m proud of them and proud of the legacy of the Cleveland
School as it has lived up to its mission. Our mission statement was clearly demonstrated
by the wonderful speech made by our own English Teacher, Mrs. Yule. She taught these
seniors as 7th, 8th 9th, and as Juniors and Seniors. She pointed out a character trait she
liked about each and every one of them. It was truly touching. 

I bid these seniors farewell, and I hope someday they return as parents wanting to move into Cleveland and send their kids to the Cleveland Public School….“a school where students and relationships matter.”