Layla Ponwith on a tractor

Farm kids and city kids came together in the new school parking lot on Tuesday for the ECFE Big Wheels Event.

While a pair of enormous John Deere tractors and a semi with a grain-hauling trailer—provided by Ryan Ponwith and Kevin McCabe—were on display, the kids tooled around the asphalt in vehicles of their own: bikes and motorized trucks and tractors.

ECFE holds fun educational events for children and their families throughout the year. Its goal is to strengthen families and support all parents in providing the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children.

Above: Each fall and spring, second grader Layla Ponwith likes to ride with her dad Ryan Ponwith as he crisscrosses the family crop fields west of Cleveland in one of their giant John Deere tractors.

Kids enjoyed climbing into the tractors and riding around on the pavement.

Shae Miller on enjoyed looking at one of the tractors. She is the daughter of Matt and Katie (McCabe) Miller.

Brooklyn Dennison gives sisters Kinslee Anderson and Zaara Anderson a ride on a motorized dune buggy.   

Three-year-old Corbin Nelson enjoyed this big wheel in one of the tractors.

Layla Ponwith’s wheels were a bike.

Jordan Wolf and brothers Rhett Donald Ponwith and Bryce Ponwith were ready to ride.

Kolton McCabe, one and a half, had fun in his mini jeep. He is the son of Kevin and Sarah McCabe. In the back is his dad’s semi trailer.

Third grader Lane Genelin sits in the family side by side. He is the son of EFCE coordinator Ashley Genelin.