Tanner Simonette catch and run

Bouncing back from a season-opening loss to visiting Lester Prairie on September 5, the junior varsity football team shutout Waterville-Elysian-Morristown on Monday.

It took almost a whole half for the Clippers to get on the scoreboard. They did it when quarterback Sam Ternes hooked up with eighth-grade wide receiver Garrett Heldberg for a 10-yard touchdown pass. With a Braeden Smith catch on the PAT, the Clippers were up 8-0 at the break.

On a Tanner Simonette pick six, the Clippers scored again with a minute left in quarter three. Rewarding the freshman for his defensive effort, Ternes tossed to Simonette for a successful point after, and the Clippers were in front 16 to zip.

Late in the fourth quarter, Ternes connected with Simonette for a 20-yard catch and run that was just short of the goal line (above). A Heldberg catch near the sidelines set up that play.

The Clippers were negative yards on the next down before Ternes found freshman Zayden Linder all alone in the corner of the endzone. Backed up after a penalty, the Clippers didn’t convert the PAT run.

The Clipper JV returns to action on Tuesday when they host JWP.

Caleb Possin on the run.   

Garrett Heldberg cages a Buccaneer runner.

Aiden Domras makes a cut away from a WEM defender.

Sam Ternes winds up for a throw…

to Zayden Linder in the end zone. 

Dominic Anderson breaks up a Buccaneer pass.