Since the 20s are back around after a century, it was only fitting that “Roaring 20s” was the theme of this year’s prom with the grand march and dance held in the school auditorium last Saturday, May 4.

Before the grand march, groups had dinner on their own, some in restaurants and others in their homes.

After, they moved to music provided by Rich Kern before busing to the Wow Zone in Mankato for a night of fun with pizza, bowling, laser tag, a photo booth, arcade games and mini golf.

With the after-prom party supported with fundraisers and by local business, they all went home with some great prizes too.

Above: Prom goers dance in line to “Cupid Shuffle.”

Carter Barto and Madysen Seely before the grand march. Seely is the senior class president. 

The valet parking crew included Scott Lassiter, Brett Bartell, David Zimmerman, Peter McCabe, Todd Waldron, Brady Hahn and Mark Perkins.

Brady Hahn assists daughter Greta Hahn out of her ride. 

Nick Simonette, Blake Lyons and Preston Goettlicher chill before the grand march.

Carter Kern, Vivian Hilfer, Elijah Mons, Maya Lassiter, Alex Johnson and Sophie Perkins

Adult tying students tieClass advisor Kyle Atherton straightens Elijah Mons’ tie.

Junior class president Ariel Murphy

Students at podiumSophomore emcees Carter Kern and Vivian Hilfer.

Britnie Aswegen escorted by Kale Kelley

Kayla Bauer and Deandra Doerr

Mylie Dylla and Isabel Duron

Brenna Geldner escorted by Adam Robinson

Anna Kawatski-Klein escorted by Reid Knish

Lilly Meier escorted by Erick Torres

Kenzie Wilmes and Olivia Braun

Madison Wollschlager and Ellie Esser

Kailey Young escorted by Levi Murphy

Jocelyn Bartell escorted by Kyle Connor

Allison Cink escorted by Jace Selly

Abigail Osness and Keely Davis

Chloe Haack

Ava Hahn escorted by Jorden Rossow

Addi Holden escorted by Brennan Kortuem

Evelyn Keltgen escorted by Jackson Bowen

Mylie Krenik escorted by Noah Hermel

Kamryn Lindsay escorted by Wesley Becker

Lacey McCabe escorted by Landen Wertzel

Savannah Meyer escorted by Blake LyonsSavannah Meyer escorted by Blake Lyons

Mackenzie Smith escorted by Maddix Lutterman

Kendra Zimmerman escorted by Blake Gibbs

students at promChloe Anderson escorted by Preston Goettlicher

Aaliyah Bauer and Brianna Hollerich

Miah Buesing and Emily Griffiths

Jamillet Aguiniga Chacon escorted by Carter Reintjes

Cassandra Connor escorted by Cameron Leightner

Lilly Croatt escorted by Adam Seeman

Ellie Dylla escorted by Gavin Madden

Jewel Factor and Sabrina Machado

Carley Fenger escorted by Nathan Strobel

Adalyn Gibeau escorted by TJ Waldron

Amelia Haack escorted by Dylan Zimmerman

Greta Hahn escorted by Bode Bartell

Laci Hollerich escorted by Brady Bostic

Lauren Krohn escorted by DJ Clark

Lilly Lamont escorted by Zach Salzwedel

Maja Løken escorted by Thane Remiger

Mariah McCabe escorted by Austin Holicky

Makenna Mueller escorted by Joseph Yokiel

Madison Peterson escorted by Nick Simonette

OliverOlivia Shouler

Jenessa Baumgarten escorted by Gabe Sullivan

Ava LaFrance escorted by Derek Miller

Preston Goettlicher was picked as prom king while Lauren Krohn was chosen as prom queen.




Rich Kern operated the music and light show. 

Madison Peterson, Chloe Anderson, Savannah Meyer, Greta Hahn and Mariah McCabe put their dance moves on display. 

Video: Dancing to “Cupid Shuffle”