Picture of Kaitlynn Aug

Kaitlynn Aug was raised in Preston, MN, a small town in the southeast corner of the state. Her father grew up in the same house she grew up in. Her mother is originally from New York, so she has made frequent trips there.

 She graduated from Fillmore Central High School in Harmony, MN. When she enrolled at Bethany Lutheran College, she didn’t intend to major in Elementary Education. 

 “My parents always taught me that I could do any profession that I had a passion for. When I realized I was in a major that I didn’t enjoy and told them that I wanted to be a teacher, they said ‘We always knew that you would be a teacher. We just wanted you to find that out for yourself.’ And that’s when I knew!”

 Her proudest moment was graduating from college.

 “Even though it wasn’t how I intended it to be with COVID19, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

 She said Cleveland School is a great place to start her career.

 “I love the family-like atmosphere that Cleveland provides for its staff and its students. The staff is so welcoming and supportive with whatever I need. I could not have chosen a better school for my first year of teaching.”

 When she is not at the front of a classroom, Kaitlynn enjoys playing and coaching sports, shopping, spending time with her friends and family and her cat, Sprinkles.