Rain fell on trap week three competition

Shooting through the rain that fell on the Caribou Gun Club on Wednesday, Jackson Gibbs, Cade Kriha and Gabriel Sullivan each hit 44 of 50 targets to lead the Clipper trap team in competition week three.

Breaking up 33 targets, Jackson Meyer upped his score by 10 from week two for the biggest improvement. Dylan Zimmerman’s 32 was 10 points better than what he shot in week two.

Riley Tomaszewski, who has the best cumulative score for the Clippers over weeks one through three, shot a 43. Cooper Arnold and Jack Mertins each connected with 41 clay disks.

In his first outing of competition this season, Jake Anderley shot a 39 as did Martin Gibbs.

Adam Seeman scored a 38. Noah Hermel hit 35 targets while Riley Kriha hit 34. Nicholas Simonette and Judd Gibbs shot 32s. Blake Gibbs and Gillian Baumgartner each scored a 31

Derek Miller and Henry Boelter each shot a 30. Nathan Seeman scored a 29. Kolby Gens shot a 28, and Keegen Lamont scored a 27. Reid Knish and Tanner Simonette each shot a 26.

Chase Bock scored a 25. Benjamin Griffiths scored a 23, and Aiden Domras scored a 21.

Sam Ternes shot a 20. Zayden Linder hit 20 targets. Marshall Heldberg and Braeden Smith each shot an 18. Cole Stocker shot a 17. Colton Tousley shot a 10, and Jay Pankratz and Emma Treanor each connected with five targets.

The average score was down 0.55 points from week two. 

Jackson Gibbs

Jackson Meyer

Cade Kriah

Dylan Zimmerman