couts Jessilynn Milnes, August Keltgen, Logan Steinborn and Geoffrey Gehrke

Above: Scouts Jessilynn Milnes, August Keltgen, Logan Steinborn and Geoffrey Gehrke made a bench for the preschool playground.

Fourth-grader Jessilynn Milnes fondly remembers the time she spent as a preschooler in the small playground in front of the school.

As a Cub Scout last fall, she thought the area needed a comfortable place to sit.

So, in keeping with the Cub Scout help other people at all times...Milnes decided she would make a bench for the playground as part of a Pack 15 project. 

"We all wanted to help the preschoolers, so I thought that maybe if they get tired, they can sit on the bench,” said Milnes. “Parents can also sit on it so they don’t have to be walking around...and also the teacher."

Fellow scouts August Keltgen, also a fourth grader, and third graders Logan Steinborn and Geoffrey Gehrke worked with Milnes to construct the bench while Scout commissioner (and CHS transportation director) Nick Klaseus and parent Kris Keltgen supervised the project.

"The Webelos and the Bears (Cub Scout ranks) work on different woodworking projects as part of their requirements," explained Cub Master Peggy Peterson. "Nick and Kris  helped the Scouts build the bench, but they also went over woodworking background, including different types of wood, all the different tools that are used in woodworking, stains, painting and that sort of thing."

Built with treated fir, the 4-foot-long bench was presented Friday morning. On the front of the bench, a plaque—engraved by former school custodian Gary Haase—lists all those who contributed to the project.

"We’re very excited about getting the bench," said Superintendent Brian Phillips. "It’s awfully nice of them. It’s a wonderful idea and a great project. We’re very happy."

Behind the scouts are Cub Master Peggy Peterson, school Superintendent Brian Phillips, pre-school teacher Jesse Lindsay and Nick Klaseus.