First day of elementary

Above: Principal Scott Lusk welcomes sisters Lexi and Kylie Wobbrock on Wednesday.

They carried calculators and crayons and notebooks…They carried band instruments and back packs and gym bags…

For some 255 students in grades 7 through 12, summer officially ended on Tuesday morning with a return to school. Another 295 kids in kindergarten through sixth grade had their first day of school 24 hours later.

Enrolled this fall are about 45 seniors and 55 kindergarteners.

High school students’ first day was Tuesday. In the middle is Carter Barto.

Para Amber Palmquist guides some young students off the bus.

Students meet in the commons before classes started. Top left is Madysen Seely. Top right is Lilly Lamont. 

A group of boys converse in the commons. In the middle is Gabe Sullivan. Clockwise from him are Carter Barto, Nathan Strobel, Adam Seeman and Derek Miller.