Fifth graders in Halloween costumes

Above: A group of fifth graders. In the center is Mattea Grandaw as Daphne from the Scobby-Doo cartoon series. To her left is Kendra Schipper as a witch. To her right is Sierra Sichmeller. In back is Kaelyn Blaschko.

Ghouls of every ilk haunted elementary classrooms on Friday afternoon as students held their Halloween parties.

But there were plenty of princesses, unicorns and superheroes too as well as TV and film characters, athletes, cheerleaders, law enforcement officers and lumberjacks. Food themes, like M&Ms, ketchup and mustard, were also popular.

Rockin’ the friendly witch costume, second grader Lucy Smith passes out treats.


Fifth graders piggyback pose.


Second grader Kennedy Dauk was a skeleton.


Costumes on parade in Wendi Honza’s second-grade class featured this dinosaur jockey.


First graders


Fourth grader Kylie Wobbrock poses in her ghoulish cape and dress.


Fourth grader Natalie Flowers was ready to run onto the football field.


Fourth grader Anistyn Dauk was a vampire.


Cassidy Kopet’s fourth grade class.


Emily Manser’s fourth graders


70s girl Blair Voit tries on a set of vampire dentures.

Heather Smith’s third graders


Karin Miller’s kindergarteners sit down for a snack.


Tonya Baker’s kindergarteners


Bree Meyer’s sixth graders.


Sixth grader Jax Leagjeld as PBS’s Bob Ross.

Katie Wolf’s fifth graders


With an FBI agent watching, fifth grader Hope Roberts dishes out cookies.


A scarecrow from Jeff Skinner’s fifth-grade class


Clara Wieser’s first-grade class


Second-grade cheerleader


Sixth grader Luke Heldberg was Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers, complete with his jersey and latest hairdo.

A leopard in Karin Miller’s kindergarten class. 

Fifth grader Clara Hilfer as Tinkerbell. 

A group of Sydney Welp’s third graders. 


A trio of kindergarteners

Another trio of kindergarteners

A third-grade cheerleader