Snow week royalty

Ethan Fuller was crowned king in absentia, but the Snow Week coronation took place more or less as usual Monday morning in the school auditorium.

The event was back this year after being rebranded as Spring Fling last May.

Junior Harley Connor was crowned the snow week queen. Junior Henry Strobel took the place of Fuller in the lineup of king candidates.

Sophomore McKenna Mueller was crowned baroness while her classmate Carter Barto was crowned baron.

Eighth grader Vivian Hilfer was crowned princess while seventh grader Carson Lyons was crowned prince.

Other queen candidates were junior Jersie Kelley, senior Chaise Erickson and senior Clarissa Williams. Other king candidates were senior Tommy Kennedy, junior Tanyon Hoheisel and junior Madix Lutterman. Junior Amelia Tauer stood in for the absent Erickson.

Other baroness candidates were freshman Chloe Haack, sophomore Brooke Borgardts and freshman Joanna Larson. Other baron candidates were sophomore Gabriel Sullivan, freshman Kyle Connor and freshman Jackson Bowen.

Other princess candidates were eighth grader Lilly Meier, seventh grader Haddie Jobe and seventh grader Keira Schipper. Other prince candidates were seventh grader Christian Mendez, eighth grader David Draheim and eighth grader Sean Baumann. Jacob Rohlfing stood in for the absent Mendez. Adding to his duties, Strobel stood in for the absent Draheim.

Student council president Sarena Remiger and her treasurer Lilly Draheim were the emcees.

Snow week will feature dodgeball competitions as well as dress-up days. 

Today as PJ Day. Tuesday is Jersey Day. Wednesday is Twin Day- Match with a friend for elementary and College Gear Day for high school. Thursday is Country/Western Day. Friday is Crazy Hat Day for elementary and Flannel Day for high schoolers.

Harley Connor was crowned Snow Week Queen. Doing the crowning was Henry Strobel.

Standing in for Ethan Fuller, Henry Strobel was crowned Snow Week King. Doing the crowning was Amelia Tauer.

McKenna Mueller was crowned Baroness. Beside her is Joanna Larson. 

Carter Barto was crowned Baron.

Vivian Hilfer was crowned Princess.

Carson Lyons was crowned Prince. Beside him is Sean Baumann. 

Emcees were Sarena Remiger and Lilly Draheim.

Queen, baroness and princess candidates on hand for a photo after were Jersie Kelley, Harley Connor, McKenna Mueller, Vivian Hilfer, Kiera Schipper, Haddie Jobe, Brooke Borgardts and Clarissa Williams.

King, baron and prince candidates and their stand-ins on hand for a photo after were Jackson Bowen, Carter Barto, Carson Lyons, Henry Strobel, Tommy Kennedy, Gabriel Sullivan, Jacob Rohlfing Kyle Connor and Madix Lutterman.