Race event

A tradition since at least as far back as the 1970s, Elementary Track & Field Day was back although not on track last Friday for the first time since 2019.

While rains made the football field too wet to use, physical education teacher Shawna Zabinski and company had the luxury of a roomy new gym and the large parking lot outside, where students in grades K through sixth had the opportunity to participate in eight stations ranging from the 40-yard dash to team building.

“Track & Field Day was wonderful to have back again at Cleveland after a couple of years,” Zabinski said. “It was a success all around as we saw many smiles on all the students’ faces, and we were very grateful for all of our volunteers, both students and parents.”

Classes, coded by colored shirts, moved around the stations, one by one. The stations were geared toward and designed around the state standards that students must complete throughout the school year, Zabinski said. 

Running, throwing and kicking events were held in the parking lot while inside were jumping, beanbag and Frisbee toss, sack races, cart races and team ski races. 

The meet was a good way for the students to unwind after their spring concert the day before.

Sixth grader Kayla Hoffmann in a the soccer ball kick station.

Second graders ball kicking.

Team building ski race

Beanbag toss

Cart races

Jumping race

Jumping race

Potato sack race

Long jump

Long jump

Fourth graders doing team building ski races

Sixth grader Jackson Wille winds up for a football throw.

Sixth grader Wyatt Krenik prepares to throw a football.

Second grader Lucy Smith winds up for the ball toss.

Second grader Lexi Wobbrock runs the 40-yard dash.

Sixth grader Luke Heldberg competes in the football throw.

Sixth grader Aubrey Blaschko in the football toss. 

Beanbag toss

Fourth graders compete in the jumping races

40-yard dash

Fifth graders in the soccer ball kick

Fifth grader Mattea Grandaw drop kicks the soccer ball.

Wheelbarrow races

Wheelbarrow races. Driving is fourth grader Natalie Flowers.

Long jump

Sixth graders Aubrey Blaschko and Jocelyn Kortuem team up for the Frisbee toss.

Kindergartener Julia Flowers in the cart races

Cart races

Third graders in the team ski race

Sixth graders Valentina Rohlfing, Aubrey Blaschko and Kayla Hoffmann team ski. 

Fourth graders team ski