Peyton Rysdam leads

Above: Peyton Rysdam leads the senior class. 

Through rows of cheering underclassmen, teachers and staff, the senior class made the traditional celebratory procession through the school halls on Friday. It was their last day of school.

Afterwards, in the parking lot, they were treated to a steak and macaroni and cheese lunch with ice cream dessert courtesy of Monica Manzey and company.

The seniors will reunite one last time next Friday for their graduation ceremony.

Cody Ranger, Kolby Gens, Jordyn Klingel, Noah Speikers and Cade Kriha.


Kaden Kortuem, Emma Treanor and Jakob Anderley.

Lucas Walechka and Allison Jindra.


Grace Kortuem, Ashley Connor and Emily Kern.


Fischer Knish, Morgan Mueller and Riley Tomaszewski.

Kristen Ryan, Kayla Zimmerman, Cody Ranger and Colin Krenik.


Clarissa Williams, Carter Dylla, Jackson Meyer and Madisyn Steen.

Emily Kern embraces her second-grade cousin Kendall Kern.

Ashley Connor, Emma Alitz-Ziegler, Makenzey Fischer and Alec Chimel.

Madisyn Steen gives first grader Kaitlyn Borer a hug. Steen was Borer’s babysitter.

After the procession, the seniors lunched in the parking lot.

The senior class includes from L-R, Front row: Emily Kern, Madisyn Steen, Jordyn Klingel, Cade Kriha, Morgan Mueller, Emma Treanor, Joanna Wilde and Noah Speikers. Second row: Grayce Kortuem, Chaise Erickson, Ashley Connor, Jackson Meyer, Carter Dylla, Allison Jindra and Jakob Anderley. Third row, Makenzey Fischer, Emma Alitz-Ziegler, Clarissa Williams, Maria Dembouski, Caleb Reisdorf, Josh Haynes and Kristen Ryan. Fourth row: Ethan Fuller, Tommy Kennedy, Kayla Zimmerman, Cody Ranger, Alec Chimel, Kaden Kortuem, Wyatte Devens and Jaden Miller. Back row: Ryan Reineke, Lucas Walechka, Kolby Gens, Fischer Knish, Colin Krenik, Kaleb Timlin, Riley Tomaszewski and Riley Segler. Missing: Peyton Rysdam, Jay Pankratz, Taylin Gosch, Emily Hiniker and Zoe Porter.