Ava Hahn on the bump
clipper pride logo
Tight end Ben Holden was the intended receiver on this incomplete pas play
Quaterback Jackson Meyer on the run
The eighth grade girls celebrate after winning a point.
The junior high football team runs a play
Tennis letter winners
clipper pride logo
Clipper Pride Winners
One of three seniors on the Clipper team, Brianna Connor had seven kills against LCWM.
With 97 yards on the ground, senior Blake McVenes was the workhorse for the Clippers. Here he turns downfield after catching a short McCabe pass.
Picture of new teacher, Kelly Susa.
 Senior parents Cheri Rohlfing, Gretchen Krenik and Jennifer Schmidt were the servers for the Monday breakfast.
With masks and backpacks standard accessories, students disembark from one of the school busses.
Kiya Sohn at third reaches for a grounder.
Picture of Kaitlynn Aug
The Cleveland Clippers ship on a logo